Why do you limit your patches?
The primary reason that we choose to limit our patch runs is pretty cut and dry. We don’t have the man-power to inspect and package up each patch and ship within a timely manner if we do not limit how many patches are made available during a drop. This is a catch-22 because there is a symbiotic relationship between total quantity made, and how many we end up with on the shelf after a drop.
Additionally, leaving the number of patches made open ended negatively impacts our customers who collect our patches because they are limited. While we try and drop patches slowly across multiple platforms when possible, some of our patches are so highly desired that no matter what we do we still sell out in <2 minutes.
What if I want a retired patch?
Unfortunately “Limited Edition” retired patches will not be produced again in their current color or configurations in these materials again. While it is possible a non LE retired patch may come back, it is highly unlikely.
My Uncle-Daddy got his patch today, but I didn't get mine, did you forget to send mine?
No, we ship each drop in one batch unless specifically noted. Depending on how lazy your post office workers are, it's entirely likely for two people in the same zip code to get their patches on different days. But chances are your delivery driver hasn't gotten to your house yet. Track your package here- because it's probably out for delivery.
I ordered a shirt and patches/stickers but I only received half of my order.
Our shirts ship direct from our manufacturer. Sometimes they're faster than us, sometimes production takes a bit longer than our shipping team does to pack and ship your patches and stickers.
I have trombone practice at the time of the drop, can I buy a patch before it's released?
In short, no. To be fair to everyone, we schedule releases and make announcements on our Instagram and our email list. If you're worried about missing out on a drop, turn on the post notifications [•••] on our Instagram page and sign up for our email list if you haven't already.
How long do you guys usually take to ship orders? I ordered this morning and haven't received my tracking number yet.
Currently our order processing and shipping is around 3-4 business days. If you need your order super quickly you are always welcome to upgrade your shipping option when you place your order to ensure a speedy delivery once it's in the hands of the post office. 
How do I find out the status of my order?
You will receive an email update when the following events occur:
-Order is received
-Order is fulfilled
-Order has shipped
In any one of these three emails you will see a tan “View your order” button. Click this link to access your order. If it has shipped you will find a tracking number within that account page.
If you still can't find the status of your order, feel free to shoot us an email, but be sure to include the following information to guarantee a prompt response:
- Purchaser's name
- Order number (begins with AAG)
- Product ordered
- Date ordered
How do I track my order?
If your package has been shipped. Access your order through one of the three emails you’ve been sent, you should find your tracking number after clicking to view your order.
It will be located under the map and be a clickable link to the USPS website.